Sanity and Sound

Hey Girl Hey

Is sanity a choice? Sanity can be defined as being of sound or healthy mind. This should be the state, apparently, when one makes a will or important decision. This soundness, this rationality isn’t a given trait for all humans.

While I wouldn’t catagotize creative people as insane or irrational, there might be a component in the mind necessary for creativity that allows the brain to be free from lucidity. Reason can seem like a box or bars imprisoning the spirit and mind.

While listening to Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey by Wings today, I got an idea for a painting. I want to paint a fortune teller and a crystal ball. I have a black canvas, which is the perfect start for this ominous idea.

I’ve always wanted to be a fortune teller with a traveling carnival. The odds of this are low since I already have a job I like…

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