Sanity and Sound

Is sanity a choice? Sanity can be defined as being of sound or healthy mind. This should be the state, apparently, when one makes a will or important decision. This soundness, this rationality isn’t a given trait for all humans. 

While I wouldn’t catagotize creative people as insane or irrational, there might be a component in the mind necessary for creativity that allows the brain to be free from lucidity. Reason can seem like a box or bars imprisoning the spirit and mind.

While listening to Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey by Wings today, I got an idea for a painting. I want to paint a fortune teller and a crystal ball. I have a black canvas, which is the perfect start for this ominous idea.

I’ve always wanted to be a fortune teller with a traveling carnival. The odds of this are low since I already have a job I like. Maybe a part-time retirement job? 

Bukowski said “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” I just love that. He was so brilliant and did not seem to want to be considered as such. I’d like to evolve and grow and go crazy in the fashion of Charles Bukowski. 

Live a little, be a gypsy, get around. 

*Speaking of gypsy (gipsy), this book by D.H. Lawrence is a really great read.*


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