Staying Warm

I had an opportunity to look at the stars from a familiar, serene view Friday night. I had been in kind of a funk creatively and in general. The viewing renewed my spirits. 

 I think the warmest, kindest people are the ones who can look back in life and remember how much care went into them. There are memories like a parent or grandparent providing a child with something simple, like mitten clips, or a similar device so the child won’t lose the mittens. The planning behind something like this is so basic, yet so thoughtful. The adult anticipates the child is going to lose mittens and be careless and solves this issue for the child. 

It’s more than that: it’s keeping the child’s hands warm and not wanting this child to go without. My friend said children don’t express real gratitude, that they’re incapable of it. This is true. The care we’re lucky enough to be given as children can only be realized and appreciated through memory as adults. I think the more care we can remember, the warmer we become to each other. 

The thought behind our actions shouldn’t ever be overlooked. We often stumble in life and action. Examining our thoughts behind these stumbles can help us find what’s really going on in our minds. 

There’s so much happening in our minds. How nice it is to have poets and writers and artists to help us sort the wonderful mess that is life. 


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