Connecting the dots.

I set a goal for myself to complete this book by November.  I have roughly ten pages, but the whole story is in my mind.  It’s just getting it all out.  It’s like I have this thing to share with the world and it might be positive and well-received, but I have to find a way to present it and polish it, to make it presentable to people.

Maybe someday my job will be writing, but until then, I will gladly work.  I think of how lucky I am when I’m driving into work and I know that not everyone has that luxury to actually genuinely like going to their jobs.


This process is like connecting the dots.  It’s somewhat random, the ideas that come to me, like the placement of the dots.  And I was never good at connecting the dots.  I saw my own patterns rather than the ones that were laid out, meant to be discovered.  How fortunate some of us are to see our own patterns, our own paths in life.  Going against this gut feeling to follow your own path can be so detrimental to one’s spirit.

I wrote about three pages this morning.  This does not sound like a lot, but it’s something.  It’s exponentially harder for me to get a story out than a poem.  Poems are quick and easy, to me.  And I have so many poems, that one good one for every ten is just fine.


I’m almost finished with this lady, though.  I was so excited to start her and I enjoyed the process.  But, I was ready to finish her.


I just have to color the letters for the companion thought bubble one.  Next, a boombox 80’s style.

Be happy, be at peace, and be love.







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