Orange you glad it’s Wednesday?

I finally worked on this painting again.  It’s been a while and I already have a new idea for my black canvas one.

I wonder what it’s like to be able to work on being creative all day and earn money doing this.  I imagine one wakes up, has coffee, and then just gets to it at home, writing or painting, or creating whatever.  Stephen King always comes to mind when I think of this.  I picture him just waking up and writing for the better part of the day, but having more free time and not being tethered to a desk or anything like that.  Although I can understand how one might feel trapped in that scenario as well, or, a pressure to perform.  Then there’s the whole self-esteem aspect, like would one perform for oneself better than for a boss or company?  Would one be too hard on oneself?

Right now I’m at don’t quit my day job.  I like my day job, so that’s okay with me.  I do wonder what it’s like to be free to devote the whole day to your mind and what your mind wants to conjure up.  Someday?


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