Creativity Cavity

Is being creative something we have to try for or does it just happen? How do we get it out? Is that muse necessary? 

For instance, if I sit down tonight and force myself to write, I wonder if it will be any good. One time at my desk, a poem just came to me. I was working and this poem idea popped into my head. It’s one of my favorite poems and I never could have sat down and thought that up.

Maybe for stories, it’s different. What I’m trying to write is a story. Poetry is what just comes to me; it flows. The stories are inside me, but aren’t they a bitch to coax out. 

I’ve heard writers and readers should throw out their televisions. Stephen King allegedly walks around reading books all the time. I’m thinking of Shel Silverstein, too. This is something to aspire for. Being creative can be such a lonely and unsure process. When life feels daunting and ominous, a writer can create a utopia for herself. 


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